Hi there and welcome to Bosco's Holistic Pet Pantry, a family run business dedicated to providing the most natural, raw, fresh and holistic foods to our four legged friends.

Our story began with a special friend, Bosco. He was such an amazing companion, we lost Bosco to epilepsy as a young dog, his legacy is that we now care for our dogs in the most natural and holistic way we can, we feel very passionate about natural feeding and the amazing benefits it brings to a dogs life, we are excited to meet others and help them on their raw and fresh feeding journey.

We pride ourselves on providing the very highest quality of raw, natural and holistic pet supplements and products. Often sourced from niche and unique small businesses from throughout Wales the UK and Europe, companies like us that are focused and dedicated to sourcing the best possible ingredients and products. We put a great deal of time and effort into the service we provide. Our dedication to locating, sourcing and quality assuring each product, we feel is paramount and goes hand in hand with our beliefs and mindset when providing the best possible care for our beloved pets.




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